All our fibres are prepared and sold as batts produced by drum-carding. Most are provided as distinct colour-blocks or blocks of blended colour. We believe this presentation offers the most scope for creative spinning as the colours can be spun all together to give a highly variegated yarn or seperated out to give blocks of different colour in the finished yarn. Likewise the discete colours allow felters to seperate out the colours if so desired.

We use both wool,alpaca,silk and plant fibres in our batts all of which can be either dyed or left in their natural colour.

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Local Wool Fibre

British Breed Wool Fibre

Other Fibres


All our yarns are purchased from British-based suppliers so reducing air-miles as well as ensuring a high quality of finish. Where sheep wool is present we only buy yarns from defined breeds so that you can be sure of the quality and characteristics of that yarn.

As well as buying from British suppliers we also activly seek out yarns produced from British flocks to once agian reduce air miles. Where british wool is used we label it as such in the description.

Our current range of yarns are:

Chunky Weight Yarns

Aran Weight Yarns

Sock Weight Yarns

Lace Weight Yarns

Other Yarns