Here are a selection of relevant links and other yarney stuff that we like

Local Wool

North Pennines Wool Initiative

A recently established group set up to promote wool, wool products and wool-related crafts in this region. Organises events for wool week and various woolly things and promotions. A good source for identifying local breeders.

Tynedale Spinners Weavers and Dyers Guild

The local guild that meets monthly (3rd Staurday) in Stocksfield village hall and has annual gathering event. Sadly online presence is patchy but events can be found on Ravelry


A local conservation grazing project, initiated by Northumberland Wildlife Trust. As well as sheep (Swaledales and various rare breeds) they use ponies and cows to selectively graze to promote the growth of native plants in grasslands. Also sells meat from the flock to help raise funds.

Highside Farm

A farm in the stunning Teesdale region whose owners specialise in breeding for interesting fleeces in their small but very mixed flock. They also sell their own processed fleece and yarn and even have time to manae a small campsite.>

Knit Studio

Local shop that stocks our yarn and specialises in seeking out local producers as well as stocking a range of high-end international brands. The clubhouse layout lends itself well to hosting several knitting/spinning groups and anne the owner also organises workshops.>

Further Afield


Massive woolfest that takes place at the end of June in Mitchell's livestock centre in Cockermouth. Organised by the Woolclip, a local collective, it specialises in mainly small independant producers from all areas of natural fibreness.

Masham Sheep Festival

One weekend near the end of September the centre of this village is overtaken by all things woolly. Lots of events for everyone, not just yarn/fibre junkies.


The number one website for knitters etc with over one million members worlwide. By joining forums you can keep up with lots topics on your area of interest.

Rare Breeds Survival Trust

The organisation that promotes and monitors rare breeds. A useful resource for info on the rarer fleeces.