Lace Yarns.

All our laceweight yarns are dyed on luxury base yarns to give the our customers a real treat to knit with. As the yarns are so fine, and often light, please take care when balling and we strongly recommend you do not use a skein winder to avoid the risk of snapping.

BFL/Silk Lace

80% Superwash Bluefaced Leicester, 20% Silk.

Weight approx 800m(880yards) per 100g.

Our standard lace weight is soft and lustous, with the base of lustre wool and silk giving a wonderful drape and lustre. Made from British Bluefaced Leicester it is ideal for shawl and stoles but can also be used for lightweight summer cardigans.

Silky (and SilkyPlus) Lace.

50% Superwash Merino, 50% Tencel.

Weight approx 800m(880yards) per 100g.

Our best-selling yarn, Silky Lace is a superb knitting yarn giving excellent stitch definition. The wool content is superwash merino which gives a lovely softness. In the case of the SilkyPlus yarn the merino is from the Falkland Islands and is exceptionally fine giving yarn.

Tencel is a fibre extracted from wood pulp that gives an exceptionally silky sheen and reflective appearance to the yarn as well as giving a lovely drape to items like shawls or stoles knitted in the yarn. Unlike some other plant-based fibres, Tencel has been developed to minimise environmental damage during to its manufacture-it is produced from sustainable wood sources and is extracted using solvents in a closed-loop system that allows the vast majority of the chemicals used to be recycled rather than being flushed into local water supplies.

This soft lace yarn is suitable for a variety of projects, particularly lace knitting for shawls and stoles, as the high tencel content gives superb drape.

Alpaca/silk Lace.

70% Alpaca, 30% Silk.

Weight approx 800m(880yards) per 100g.

This yarn is now being discontinued in favour of the BFL/silk lace as we wanted to offer a British breed lace weight. This yarn is soft and lustous, with the generous silk content giving a wonderful drape and lustre. Ideal for the same projects as the BFL silk this is a thinner yarn than the above two.

Cobweb Lace.

50% Suri Alpaca, 30% Merino, 20% Silk.

Weight approx 1200m(1320yards) per 100g.

Our cobweb weight is for those who really love their lace knitting. Suri alpaca and merino gives luxurious softness while the silk content gives drape and lustre. The extra fineness and length makes it ideal for larger shawl and stole patterns and is great for knitting stunning lace tops.